Tutorial:How to create an article - introduction

This tutorial provides an easy overview on how to create a new statistical article or update an existing one. Statistical articles make up the main part of Statistics Explained, presenting statistical topics in an easily understandable way. The articles are collaboratively edited in a Media wiki environment, to which you as a Eurostat staff member can contribute. This tutorial will help you become a Statistics Explained editor. The following pages will give you step by step information on how to create a statistical article.

Step 1: Choose a title

Step 2: Get ready

Step 3: Draft an article

Step 4: Use the Glossary

Step 5: Insert links

Step 6: Insert tables, graphs and maps

(For guidelines on the layout and formatting of tables and graphs using Eurostat layout Excel add-in, please see the tutorial Layout rules for tables, graphs and maps)

Step 7: Check and read

Step 8: Make it approved

Step 9: Publish