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Basic tutorial

How to create an article - step by step
- set of articles

Video tutorial

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Editor's manuals

Before you start
What pages is my unit responsible for?|
List of editors|Access and rights


Creating glossaries
Glossary |How to create an article - enter glossary items|
ESS glossary

Creating pages
Naming articles|
Stable page versus draft|
Authored versus anonymous article|
How to create an article - choosing a title

Validating/Sighting an article
How to create an article - checklist before validation|
How to create an article - validation

Drafting pages
How to comment on statistics|
Publication guidelines|
Wikitext basics|Wikitext advanced|
Wikitext editing buttons|
How to create an article - before you start drafting|
How to create an article - start drafting

Keeping track of changes
Managing your articles

Tables, graphs and maps
Layout rules for tables, graphs and maps|
Regional yearbook map production|
Create a flexible dashboard|
How to create an article - insert tables, graphs and maps|
Guidelines for notes and footnotes

Online publications
Updating the Eurostat regional yearbook|
Creating an online publication

Creating links
How to create an article - insert links

Policies and guidelines
Country codes and protocol order |
Dedicated section versus Statistics Explained|
Eurostat database - basic terminology|
Rounding of numbers|
Symbols and abbreviations |
Table, title guidelines - standard items |
Table, title guidelines - writing titles and short descriptions |


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