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Glossary:Taxes on products

In the national accounts taxes on products is a sub-item within the transaction taxes on production and imports. Taxes on products are taxes that are payable per unit of some good or service produced or transacted. The tax may be a specific amount of money per unit of quantity of a good or service, or it may be calculated ad valorem as a specified percentage of the price per unit or value of the goods and services produced or transacted. As a general principle, taxes in fact assessed on a product, irrespective of which institutional unit pays the tax, are to be included in taxes on products, unless specifically included in another heading.

Taxes on products comprise value added tax, taxes and duties on imports and exports and other taxes on products (e.g. excise duties, stamp taxes on the sale of specific products, such as alcoholic beverages or tobacco, car registration taxes, taxes on lotteries, taxes on insurance premiums).

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