Glossary:Country of residence

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The concept of country of residence of a traveller is different from that of his/her nationality or citizenship.

From a tourism standpoint any person who moves to another country and intends to stay there for more than one year is immediately considered to be a resident of that country, similar to its other residents.

On the other hand, citizens residing abroad who return to their country of citizenship on a temporary visit are included with non-resident visitors. Citizenship is indicated in the person's passport (or other identification document), while country of residence has to be determined by means of question or inferred, for instance from the person's address.

  • In supply side tourism statistics (accommodation statistics), residents refers to arrivals and nights spent by residents of the country where the establisment is located. This is also the case for regional data: i.e. the resident concept is to be considered at national level and not at regional level, so arrivals from another region of a given country will be in the residents' category.
  • In demand side tourism statistics, trips are classified according to the country of residence of the tourist, not the citizenship of the tourist.

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