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Glossary:Residence permit

A residence permit is any authorisation valid for at least 3 months issued by the authorities of an EU Member State allowing a third country national to stay legally on its territory.

According to Article 6.2 of the Council Regulation 862/2007 of 11 July 2007, when national laws and administrative practices of a Member State allow for specific categories of long-term visa or immigration status to be granted instead of residence permits, such visas and grants of statuses are also included in the statistics.

New residence permit is a permit issued to a person for the first time. A residence permit is considered as a new permit also if the time gap between the expiry of the old permit and the start of validity of the new permit is at least 6 months, irrespective of the year of issuance of the permit. The convention of new permit relates to permits issued at all levels of administrative / judicial instance (ex.: first instance, appeal, etc.) and by all national authorities.

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