Glossary:Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources, also called renewables, are energy sources that replenish (or renew) themselves naturally. Typical examples are solar energy, wind and biomass .

Renewable energy sources include the following:

  • Non-combustible renewables
    • Hydropower: the electricity generated from the potential and kinetic energy of water in hydroelectric plants (the electricity generated in pumped storage plants is not included);
    • Tide, wave, ocean energy: mechanical energy derived from tidal movement, wave motion or ocean current and exploited for electricity generation
    • Geothermal energy: the energy available as heat from within the earth’s crust, usually in the form of hot water or steam;
    • Wind energy: the kinetic energy of wind converted into electricity in wind turbines;
    • Solar energy: solar thermal energy (radiation exploited for solar heat) and solar photo-voltaic for electricity production.
  • Combustible renewables

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