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Glossary:Other land

Other land (FA9) is land which is part of the total area belonging to the agricultural holding but constitutes neither utilised agricultural area, unutilised agricultural area nor wooded area, such as land occupied by buildings (except if used for mushroom cultivation), farmyards, tracks, ponds, quarries, infertile land or rock.


  • Areas not used directly for crop production, but necessary for the work on the holding, such as land occupied by buildings or roads
  • Areas unsuitable for agricultural production, which are the ones that can only be brought into production by extreme means not normally available on the agricultural holding
  • Marshland
  • Heaths which are not part of rough grazings
  • Pleasure gardens, parks and lawns
  • Areas of isolated trees, small groups of trees or lines of trees


  • Buildings which are used for cultivation of mushrooms (U1000)
  • Heaths which are rough grazings (J2000)


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