Glossary:Nursery - Statistics Explained

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Nurseries can be defined as land where young ligneous (woody) plants are grown in the open air for subsequent transplantation.


  • Vine and root-stock nurseries
  • Fruit tree and berry nurseries
  • Ornamental nurseries for flowers and ornamental plants
  • Commercial nurseries of forest trees, whether in woodland or outside
  • Non-commercial forest tree nurseries for the holdings own requirements, grown outside of woodland
  • Trees and bushes for planting in gardens, parks, on roadsides and on embankments (e.g. hedgerow plants, rose trees and other ornamental bushes, ornamental conifers), including in all cases their stocks and young seedlings


  • Nurseries which are not in utilised agricultural area
  • Nurseries of forest trees for the holding’s own requirements grown within woodland (WA)
  • Nurseries under glass or high accessible cover (PECRS)

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