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Glossary:Livestock survey

The Livestock survey, a frequent and specialized survey, provides information about the livestock population in the European Union (EU) at national and regional level, at a more detailed level than the Farm structure survey, using more animal categories in its nomenclature of livestock. It is conducted once a year, in December, in all Member States.

Up to 2008, two other survey rounds used to take place in April and August, but they have now been merged into a single intermediate survey, to track changes in the animal categories. This single survey is less burdensome for the smaller changes, making it possible to concentrate on core topics or geographical areas; Member States with few animals are allowed to provide updates less frequently. Member States are required to deliver regional data in the December survey.

The legal basis of the Livestock survey is Regulation 1165/2008 of 19 November 2008 concerning livestock and meat statistics, which repealed Council Directives 93/23/EEC, 93/24/EEC and 93/25/EEC.

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