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Glossary:International classification for health accounts (ICHA)

The International classification for health accounts, abbreviated as ICHA, is a nomenclature managed by the OECD. Its purpose is to define, within the context of the system of national accounts:

  • healthcare financing agents: who is paying?
  • healthcare by function: for which services and goods?
  • healthcare service provider industries: who provides the services?


ICHA code: Functions of healthcare

HC.1: Services of curative care
HC.1.1: In-patient curative care
HC.1.2: Day cases of curative care
HC.1.3: Out-patient curative care
HC.1.3.1: Basic medical and diagnostic services
HC.1.3.2: Out-patient dental care
HC.1.3.3: All other specialized healthcare
HC.1.3.9: All other out-patient curative care
HC.1.4: Services of curative home care
HC.2: Services of rehabilitative care

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