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Glossary:Holder of agricultural holding

Holder of the agricultural holding is the natural person, group of natural persons or legal person on whose account and in whose name the holding is operated and who is legally and economically responsible for the holding, i.e. who takes the economic risks of the holding.

The holder can own the holding outright or rent it or be a hereditary long-term leaseholder or a usufructuary or a trustee.

The holder may have delegated to a manager all or part of the power of the decision-making regarding the normal daily financial and production routines of the holding. In such cases it is said to be “holder/not manager”. In the cases where the holder is also the manager it is said to be “holder/manager”.

Holder who is a natural person and the sole holder of an independent holding is generally, but not necessarily, also the manager. On the group holdings, only the main holder (one person) is accounted.

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