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Glossary:Goods loaded

Goods loaded refers to goods placed on a means of transport and dispatched. According to the mode of transport, the definition can be specified:


Goods placed on a railway vehicle and dispatched by rail. Unlike in road and inland waterway transport, transshipments from one railway vehicle directly to another and change of tractive vehicle are not regarded as unloading/loading. However, if the goods are unloaded from a railway vehicle, loaded on another mode of transport and, again loaded on another railway vehicle, this is considered as unloading from the first railway vehicle followed by loading on the second railway vehicle.


Goods placed on a road vehicle and dispatched by road. Transshipment from one goods road vehicle to another or change of the road tractor are regarded as loading after unloading.

Inland waterways

Goods placed on an inland waterways transport vessel and dispatched by inland waterways. Transshipment from one inland waterways transport vessel to another is regarded as loading after unloading. The same applies to changes of pusher tugs or tugs.

Maritime transport

Goods placed on a merchant ship for transport by sea. Transshipment from one merchant ship to another is regarded as loading after unloading. Goods loaded include national goods, transshipment goods (national or foreign goods arriving in port by sea) and land transit goods (foreign goods arriving in port by road, rail, air or inland waterway).

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