Glossary:Generation of income account

The generation of income account of national accounts shows the types of primary incomes and the sectors, sub-sectors or industries in which the primary incomes originate, as distinct from the sectors or sub-sectors destined to receive such incomes.

It includes as uses the compensation of employees and the taxes on production and imports less subsidies; and as resources the gross value added (GVA) and net value added (NVA) for sectors and industries and the gross domestic product (GDP) and net domestic product (NDP) for the total economy, which are the balancing items of the production account.

It analyses the extent to which value added and domestic product can cover compensation of employees and taxes on production and imports less subsidies. The balancing items of the generation of income account are the gross operating surplus (GOS), net operating surplus (NOS), gross mixed income and net mixed income, which are the surpluses/deficits on production activities before account has been taken of paid or received interest, rents or charges on financial or tangible non-produced assets.

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