Glossary:Frequent out-of-pocket purchases (FROOPP)

Frequent out-of-pocket purchases, abbreviated as FROOPP, constitute a recently added special aggregate of the harmonised index of consumer prices (HICP). It is calculated in the same way as other HICP special aggregates, using the data on prices and weights available to Eurostat.

The aggregate is compiled from sub-indices which are considered to mainly represent purchases done by the consumers typically at least every month and paid for directly and actively; the rest of HICP sub-indices are then "non-FROOPP", neither frequent nor "out-of-pocket".

The allocation of COICOP/HICP3 sub-indices to either the FROOPP or non-FROOPP category, is based on data on the frequency of purchases from some individual European Union (EU) Member States; these data are not available to Eurostat for all Member States. The non-FROOPP aggregate has been calculated as the complement to FROOPP, so that FROOPP and non-FROOPP together cover the whole set of HICP expenditure.

Composition of the FROOPP special aggregate

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