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Glossary:Financial instruments

In ESA 2010, financial transactions (F) are defined as transactions in financial assets (AF) and liabilities. A financial transaction between institutional units is a simultaneous creation or liquidation of a financial asset and the counterpart liability, or a change in ownership of a financial asset, or an assumption of a liability (ESA 2010 paragraph 5.02). Financial transactions describe the net acquisition of financial assets or the net incurrence of liabilities for each type of financial instrument. Such transactions occur both as counterparts of non-financial transactions, and as transactions involving only financial instruments

In the ESA 2010 sequence of accounts, financial transactions are recorded in the financial account, which has the balancing item net financial transactions (B.9f), defined as the difference between net acquisition of financial assets minus net incurrence of financial liabilities.

Financial assets are split into the following financial instruments:

  • F.1 monetary gold and SDR,
  • F.2 currency and deposits,
  • F.3 debt securities,
  • F.4 loans,
  • F.5 equity and investment fund shares or units,
  • F.6 insurance, pension and standardized guarantees,
  • F.7 financial derivatives and employee stock options,
  • F.8 other accounts payable/ receivable.

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