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Glossary:Final energy consumption

Final energy consumption is the total energy consumed by end users, such as households, industry and agriculture. It is the energy which reaches the final consumer's door and excludes that which is used by the energy sector itself.

Final energy consumption excludes energy used by the energy sector, including for deliveries, and transformation. It also excludes fuel transformed in the electrical power stations of industrial auto-producers and coke transformed into blast-furnace gas where this is not part of overall industrial consumption but of the transformation sector.

Final energy consumption in "households, services, etc." covers quantities consumed by private households, commerce, public administration, services, agriculture and fisheries.

Energy end user categories:

  • private households,
  • agriculture,
  • industry,
  • road transport,
  • air transport (aviation),
  • other transport (rail, inland navigation),
  • services,
  • other.

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