Glossary:European shortlist of causes of death

The European shortlist of causes of death, is a tool for international comparisons of mortality data, primarily for analysis at regional level and for the analysis of long-term results, such as retrospective studies and mortality projections. The European shortlist covers 65 causes of death (COD). It is based on the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD) of the World Health Organisation. The 65-list is compatible with the three most recent ICD versions (ICD-8, ICD- 9 and ICD-10).  The causes of death selected in the 65-list have been chosen after careful examination of many lists being used by the Member States and the World Health Organisation. It includes the most relevant COD for the EU. The basis on which the causes were selected for this list were: - of relevance with respect to EU mortality patterns; - of relevance for national and sub-national health programmes; - of relevance for desegregation by regional (NUTS 2) level; - of special importance to mortality trend and projections; - subject of 'frequently asked questions'.

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