Glossary:Cover of storage facilities for manure

Cover of storage facilities for manure refers to the way a storage facility is covered in order to be protected from rain or other precipitation. The structures are normally fitted to above ground liquid manure or slurry stores. The covers can be permeable or impermeable. Covers can help to reduce ammonia emissions.


  • roofs of concrete, wood or corrugated metal, usually supported on poles at the periphery of the store
  • plastic, wood or concrete covers, usually supported by the walls of the store
  • tents, designed to float on slurry, normally of reinforced plastic sheet attached to the rim of an above ground circular store and supported by a central pole
  • floating sheets, normally made of reinforced plastic sheet, sometimes incorporating floats of e.g. polystyrene used for both above ground circular store and lagoons. The sheet may either be attached to the rim of the store and large enough to account for the rise and fall in the level of slurry in the store or float freely on the surface, sometimes supported by floats or sliding up and down vertical poles at the inner wall of an above ground store
  • natural surface crusts which forms when a quite solid upper layer of material is developed due to no stirring
  • semi-natural surface crusts, obtained by adding material such as straw, clay, or other material to the storage

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