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Glossary:Coastal region

Common term: Coastal region; Plural: Coastal regions

Short definition: the coastal regions typology is applied at the level of NUTS level 3 regions. It identifies coastal regions in the European Union (EU) as having a border with a coastline, having more than half their population within 50 km of the coastline, or having a strong maritime influence. Coastal regions can also be classified according to the sea basin in which they are located.

Coastal regions are defined according to one of the following three criteria:

  • any NUTS level 3 region with a sea border (coastline);
  • any NUTS level 3 region that has more than half of its population within 50 km of the coastline, based on population data for 1 km² grid cells;
  • the NUTS level 3 region for Hamburg in Germany.

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