Glossary:Cattle housing - stanchion-tied stable

Stanchion-tied stables are animal houses where the animals are tied to their places and are not allowed to move freely.

They can contain manure in the form of solid dung and liquid manure when the floors of the stalls are on sloping concrete with bedding (e.g. straw, chopped straw, sawdust) and a shallow gutter at the rear of the animals to collect part of the faeces and the urine, whilst part is regularly removed as solid manure. In some cases the gutter is equipped with a drainage pipe to collect seepage or there can be a deeper channel instead of a gutter to collect and store the liquid fraction. The manure is normally removed mechanically outside the building as solid dung/farmyard manure.

They can also contain manure in the form of slurry when the floors of the stalls are level concrete with a channel covered by a grid at the rear of the animals or fully slated floor to collect faeces and urine as slurry. The manure and urine drop down below the floor into a pit, where they form slurry.

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