Glossary:Community innovation survey (CIS)

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The Community innovation survey, abbreviated as CIS, is conducted in every European Union (EU) Member State to collect data on innovation activities in enterprises, i.e. on product innovation (goods or services) and process innovation (organisational and marketing aspects).

The legal basis for CIS is Regulation (EC) No 1450/2004 of 13 August 2004 carrying out Decision 1608/2003/EC on the production and development of Community statistics on innovation.

The survey covers areas such as new or significantly improved goods or services, and the introduction of new or significantly improved processes, logistics or distribution methods. It also gives information on the characteristics of innovation activity at the enterprise level, thereby creating a better understanding of the innovation process and the effects of innovation on the economy.

The CIS produces a broad set of indicators on innovation activities, innovation spending, effects of innovation, public funding, innovation co-operation, sources of information for innovation, main obstacles on innovation activity and methods of protecting intellectual property rights.

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