Glossary:Border region

Common term: Border region, Plural: Border regions

Short definition: the border typology is applied at the level of NUTS level 3 regions. It identifies border regions in the European Union (EU) as those regions with a land border, or those regions where more than half of the population lives within 25 km of such a border.

Details of the typology: the border typology is a classification based on the following two categories:

  • border regions;
  • non-border regions (those regions that are not defined as border regions).

As this typology is based solely on the distance between a border and a region, there is no need to make use of any other data source when establishing the typology.

Note the border typology is not defined/recognised within the NUTS Regulation, although the NUTS level 3 regions themselves are defined therein.

Further information

  • See Chapter 8 of Eurostat's Territorial typologies manual