Glossary:Arable land covered with plant residues

Arable land covered with plant residues is an area of arable land covered with the plant residues and stubble of the previous crop season during winter. Intermediate and cover crops are excluded. Plants residues can be straw, stubble or other plants parts leaving good mulch (for example sugar beet leaves) regardless if they remain from the previous harvest or have been added by the farmer. Potatoes are normally excluded because the stalks are degraded too quickly. The tillage operations are in this case normally carried out in the spring. Certain tillage operations can be carried out on in autumn, if they leave enough plant residues on the surface. Such tillage methods could be chisel or disk ploughing or similar. The straw can be removed for energy or other purposes, but an indicative threshold for remaining residue is minimum 10%. Self-grown cereals cover the soil following a tillage operation is included.

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