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Eurostat regional yearbook

This is the stable Version.

The Eurostat regional yearbook is an online Eurostat publication, also downloadable in PDF format (ISBN: 978-92-76-20728-3, ISSN: 2363-1716, doi: 10.2785/98733, cat. number: KS-HA-20-001-EN-N).

The articles are updated or replaced once a year (the present versions are based on a set of data that were extracted in March and April 2020).

All maps can be explored interactively using Eurostat’s statistical atlas (see user manual).

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Table of contents




People and society

1. Population

2. Health

3. Education

4. Labour market

5. Living conditions

Economy and business

6. Economy

7. Business

8. Research and innovation

9. Digital society

10. Tourism

Environment and natural resources

11. Transport

12. Environment

13. Agriculture

Alphabetical index of all articles