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International trade in goods/sk
Wages and labour costs/sk
National accounts and GDP/sk
Energy production and imports/sk
Asylum statistics/sk
Housing statistics/sk
Tourism statistics/sk
Electricity price statistics/sk
Natural gas price statistics/sk
Digital economy and society statistics - households and individuals/sk
Renewable energy statistics/sk
Migration and migrant population statistics/sk
Minimum wage statistics/sk
Waste statistics/sk
Passenger transport statistics/sk
Income poverty statistics/sk
Causes of death statistics/sk
Tertiary education statistics/sk
Crime statistics/sk
Government finance statistics/sk
Employment statistics/sk
Farm structure statistics/sk
Population structure and ageing/sk

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  • Statistical articles present an analysis of different statistical topics covering the complete range of statistical subjects published by Eurostat – including social and economic statistics, as well as a large range of more specialised statistics. The articles are regularly updated with fresh data and contain the main statistical findings of the indicators presented and also give references to related publications and other information.
  • Background articles provide comprehensive methodological information on the different statistical topics on subjects such as statistical methods or classifications.