Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistics

The Agriculture, forestry and fishery statistical book is an online Eurostat publication presenting a summary overview of recent European Union (EU) statistics on agriculture, forestry and fisheries. It is also available in print format and as a downloadable PDF file (latest edition), ISBN 978-92-79-75764-8 , doi: 10.2785/570022 , Cat. No: KS-FK-17-001-EN-N).

1. Special focus: Vineyards in the EU

2. Farmers in the EU

3. Agricultural accounts and prices

4. Agricultural products

4.1 Crops
4.2 Livestock and meat
4.3 Milk and milk products

5. Agriculture and environment

5.1 Organic farming statistics
5.2 Agri-environmental indicator: mineral fertiliser consumption

6. Forestry statistics

6.1 Forests, forestry and logging
6.2 Wood products - production and trade

7. Fishery statistics