Glossary:Continuing vocational training survey (CVTS)

The Continuing vocational training survey, abbreviated as CVTS, was the first European Union-wide survey on continuing vocational training carried out by Eurostat in a co-ordinated form (outline questionnaire, common definitions, and common recommendations with respect to the fieldwork).

CVTS1 was of pioneering nature, and is not any longer disseminated.

CVTS2 and CVTS3 data were collected with reference year 1999 and 2005 and published by Eurostat in order to:

  • provide the European Commission with harmonised, reliable and relevant statistical information needed to define, implement, monitor and evaluate Commission policies in the continuing vocational training in enterprises sector;
  • provide the EU institutions, national administrations, enterprises, professional associations and EU citizens with high quality statistical services and products in the field of training.

CVTS2 provides comparable statistical results on training and non-training enterprises, the supply of and the demand for vocational skills, the need for continuing vocational training and its forms, content and volume, the use of enterprises' own training resources and of external providers, and the cost of continuing vocational training courses.

CVTS3 provides comparable statistics on training enterprises, the participation to training, the volume of continuing vocational training courses and its costs, and moreover information on initial vocational training courses.

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