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skills and to face serious, persistent problems on the labour market (on average half of early school leavers are unemployed). As early school leaving is more frequent among young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, among people with migrant background and ethnic minorities (such as Roma) and among

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to the continuing high immigration of younger persons and families from abroad. Some million inhabitants of the total population) were of working age (between and years) on January With of inhabitants in this age group, only the federal capital, Vienna, was above the national average. On that date, approximately

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. CHANGING HOUSEHOLD STRUCTURE Household structure is constantly changing. As the population ages, more people live in smaller households, increasingly consisting of a single person. At the same time, many young adults, especially men, delay leaving the parental home to found their own household. Smaller

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(tgs00024) Database Regional statistics (reg), see:● Regional demographic statistics (reg_dem) Population and area (reg_dempoar) Population at 1st January by sex and age from onwards (demo_r_d2jan) Population at 1st January by sex and age (source: OECD) in persons (demo_r_d2janoecd) Annual average

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OPPORTUNITIES BUT MANY TERTIARY GRADUATES ARE NOW OVERQUALIFIED FOR THEIR POSTS Seventy-nine per cent of young people in Europe aged successfully completed upper secondary education (ISCED3) in confirming the upward trend shown across Europe since (see Figure G1). The EU average percentage of persons

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for the years 1998-2010 are included, showing LMP expenditure at constant price levels as well as participant data by age and sex.

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covers persons in private households. However, in several countries also members of collective households are sampled, either directly (register based sampling frames) or indirectly through their relationship with the sampled household. In Eurostat datasets all age groups are represented for all

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to the average length of transition for persons with tertiary education attainment. Source: Eurostat, Labour Force Survey (LFS) ad-hoc module. Besides making the comparison among young people with different educational attainment levels, one can also take a closer look at differences among the highly educated

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reflects the increase in the number of single person households and of single parent households. Reductions in the number of births and marriages, increases in the average age at which people marry and increases in the number of divorces as well as a general increase in economic prosperity making