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: persons d2avg Average population by sex and single year of age Dimensions: SEX Sex TOTAL Total M Males F Females AGE Age and age classes: TOTAL Total Single years less than one year, etc. GEO Geopolitical entities NUTS-2003: at NUTS level TIME From onwards Units: persons d3area Surface area

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but on records of persons entering and leaving the country’s international borders. Persons arriving, and in some countries departing, may be required to complete a border registration card that includes information such as age, sex, citizenship, place of residence and intended duration of stay. Although

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those targeted to people who are unemployed, or in risk of involuntary job-loss, and inactive persons who are currently not part of the labour force, but who would like to enter the labour market and are disadvantaged in some way. Labour market policy measures are classified in two ways: by type

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zeros Monographs of offi cial statistics Work session on statistical data confi dentiality Geneva, November Example This data consist of an extract of the UK Census fi le N n K with the attributes, Sex Age Groups Number of Persons in Household Edu- cation Qualifi cations Occupation Sex was treated