Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-CC-04-007, published on 21-Oct-2004

rather close to what is often denoted 'household type'. Compared to household type, it is less focused on the number of household members but more on at which stage in a sort of 'average' life people are; from being a child living together with the parents, growing older, leaving home, living alone

Statistical working papers , Product code: KS-CC-04-001, published on 08-Jun-2004

on available childcare services: estimated childcare needs in each commune for different age groups and number of children enrolled in pre-school and primary school, number of places offered by type of childcare arrangement (end of coverage of childcare needs, average fees paid by parents in services

Eurostat News , Product code: KS-PB-04-001, published on 17-Nov-2004

. On the contrary, women allocate three more hours, every day, to forms of unpaid household and family care work compared to men. Average duration of the different forms of work by sex ( Source: Own calculations, on the basis of INE, Inquérito Ocupação do Tempo One should also mention