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The objective of the building permit index is to show the future development of construction activity in terms of per square meter of useful floor. The current base year is 2015 (Index 2015 = 100). The index is presented in seasonally adjusted form. Growth rates with respect to the previous month

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Population, total area and land area Population Total area and land area (demo_r_d3area) Production in construction, annual, buildings Index and percent change (sts_copr_a) Building permits Index and percent change, annual (sts_cobp_a) Index and percent change, quart...

Dedicated sections [SDMX InfoSpace], updated on 15-Jul-2019 SDMX technical request: Planned actions and updates The change of the legal basis of short-term business statistics (Framework Regulation Integrating Business Statistics) will lead to extensions or a new version of the DSD by 2021: new variables on business demography, re-arrangement of EDAMIS data flows and replacement of CC by CPA 2.1 for building permits indicators.

Dedicated sections [Euro-indicators/PEEIs], updated on 14-Feb-2019

index, building permits indicators; Wholesale and retail trade: volume of sales (deflated turnover), turnover (value), labour input indicators; Services: turnover index, producer price index. Data are compiled on the basis of the fixed base year Laspeyres formula. The current bas...

Dedicated sections [Short-term business statistics], updated on 22-May-2019

of persons employed, hours worked, gross wages and salaries Construction costs, material costs, wage costs Building permits: number of dwellings, building permits: useful floor area in m2 C-Retail trade Turnover Number of persons employed, hours worked, gros...