Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-RA-07-010, published on 17-Dec-2007

As a response to increasing demand, statistics on business demography, i.e. births, deaths and life expectancy of enterprises, have a legal basis at EU level with the entry into force of the recast Council and European Parliament Regulation on Structural Business Statistics. This manual describes

Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-GQ-15-002, published on 26-May-2015

This publication provides an overview of differences between European countries in collecting demographic data. The five chapters go through the areas of population, births, deaths, marriages, legal unions and divorces and tackle definitions, data collection and availability as well as legal

Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-CC-04-004, published on 13-Jun-2005

Eurostat does not collect demographic indicators directly from countries, only raw numbers (detailed population and demographic events by sex and age). Injudicious comparison of rates established using different definitions of age might lead to misleading international comparisons (the choice

Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-GQ-19-003, published on 05-Apr-2019

recommendations for the data collection in following areas: population and time covered; new data collection methodologies; child diaries; maintenance of response rates; actualised activity coding lists and coding procedures; new dimensions in time use diaries; guarantee of cross-mode, cross-country and cross

Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-GQ-18-004, published on 17-Oct-2018

are included as additional variables. In countries where the data are available, the recommended indicators are: (a) current total fertility rate; (b) adolescent birth rate for women aged and (also a SDG indicator); (c) mean number of children ever born to women age and (d) age at first birth. 5Measuring

Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-02-18-240, published on 22-Mar-2018

Survey (EHIS wave Methodological manual PE6: Number of days in a typical week doing sports, fitness or recreational (leisure) physical activities that cause at least a small increase in breathing or heart rate for at least minutes continuously PE7: Time spent on doing sports, fitness or recreational

Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-GQ-18-010, published on 15-Mar-2019

activity) (IND.L., IND.H.) Status in employment (SIE.) Educational attainment (EDU.) Country/place of birth (POB.L., POB.M., POB.H.) Country of citizenship (COC.L., COC.M., COC.H.) Ever resided abroad and year of arrival in the country (YAT., YAE.L., YAE.H.) Place of residence one year prior

Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-RA-07-006, published on 08-Jun-2007

obtain their contact details by sending a fax to Force on Core Social Variables Final Report Contents PrefaCe BaCkground tf guiding PrinCiPles and work seleCtion of the Core variaBles summary of the definition of Core variaBles Sex Age in completed years Country of birth Country of citizenship

Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-RA-11-014, published on 23-Sep-2011

of childbirth Birth grant Parental leave benefit Family or child allowance Other cash benefits Benefits in kind Child day care Accommodation Home help Other benefits in kind Description of the types of benefit Cash benefits Income maintenance benefit in the event of childbirth: flat-rate or earnings

Manuals and guidelines , Product code: CA-19-98-536, published on 24-Nov-1999

that date, the number of Member States has risen to fifteen and the character of the European labour market has been transformed by the radical changes which have taken place, for example in activity rates, in the allocation of working-time, and in the distribution of employment across the various

Manuals and guidelines , Product code: KS-GQ-17-006, published on 10-May-2017

. Foreigner is a person who does not have the citizenship of the country of current usual residence, regardless of the place of birth. EU foreigner is a person living in the reporting country who has the nationality of another EU country than the reporting country. Non-EU foreigner is a person living