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via four additional questions at the end of the diary. In order to reduce the burden of respondents, there are fewer questions in the household and in the individual model questionnaire. Finally, the form "Weekly Schedule of Working Time" will be left out. Actually, countries planning

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to the NUTS regional classification. All countries use data on sex in the weighting process. Almost all countries use five-year age groups, for people aged between and in calculating the weighting factors: exceptions are Germany, Greece, and Slovenia who use broader age groups than the five-year ones

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between the number of young people aged 0-19 years and the number of working-age people (defined here as persons aged 20-64 years). Across the EU-28 as a whole, the young-age dependency ratio was 35.0 in 2017. The highest ratio was 58.4 (2014 data) in Communauté d’agglomération Val de France, near

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that were lower than the EU-28 average of 24.1 %. These differences in age structures may result in pressures on various public services, for example, national educational systems in those countries with a relatively high proportion of young persons and care (including healthcare) and pension systems

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mortality conditions throughout the rest of his or her life. The HLY indicator at age 65 consequently measures the number of years that a person at age 65 is still expected to live in a healthy condition (14). In 2017, life expectancy at age 65 was estimated to be on average 21.4 years for women