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This labour market statistics pocketbook aims to highlight various aspects of the labour markets in Europe. The statistics shown refer to the labour market situation of individuals and households, their gross and net earnings as well as the labour cost incurred by enterprises, to labour demand

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For 1x ,...1992,1991t for 0x ,...1999,1998t Where t x,sq is the mortality risk of people with sex s and age x during the year t provided by Spain Mortality Tables and by Monthly Demographic Now Cast for the most recent months period available. Model parameters, x,sα and x,sb are estimated through least

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with children MAR Spouse COH Cohabiting CHILD Person living as a child in the parental home INST Institutional household UNK Unknown Units: Number of persons cens_rhsize Population by sex, age group, size of household (census table Dimensions: GEO Geopolitical entities NUTS_2006: at NUTS level AGE Age

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that a house or apartment is short of space if it does not contain at least: one room for the household (in addition to the other rooms below) one room for each couple one room for each single person aged and over one room for two single people of the same sex between and years of age one room for each

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This book is about the incomes and living standards of the people of Europe. It treats employment, income inequality and poverty, housing, health, education, deprivation and social exclusion. The reader will learn about many of the social issues confronting Europe. How much income poverty

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and years old, followed by those aged and then those in the age group. The average proportion of young people aged under in Central and Eastern European countries was slightly higher, reaching in In Turkey the youth population had a distinctive distribution with higher levels of young people in all age

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, available countries Table R&D personnel in FTE and percentage of women in and average annual growth rate (AAGR) by sector of performance, EU-27 and selected countries Table Researchers (HC) by sector of performance and sex, EU-27 and selected countries Table Researchers (HC) in the government sector

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the basis of: one room for the household; one room for each couple; one room for each single person aged or more; one room for two single people of the same sex between and years of age; one room for each single person of a different sex between and years of age; and one room for two people under years

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for the years 1998-2008 are included, showing LMP expenditure at constant price levels as well as participant data by age and sex.