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In 2017, Luxembourg had the highest prices for meat (more than 41% higher than the EU average). Austria was next highest (around 39% over the EU average). Poland was the least expensive country for meat (around 43% lower than the EU average), followed by Bulgaria (around 42% lower). Data source

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(various types of processed goods deriving from vegetable and animal products such as sugar, beverages, tobacco and prepared animal fodder) and animal products (live animals, meat, fish, crustaceans, dairy produce, eggs, honey etc.). Foodstuffs made up 56 % of EU exports of agricultural products in 2017

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capital.   Farm production presents the most recent data on many of the EU's agricultural products, both in terms of output and prices. This is done for crops, livestock and meat, as well as milk.   Performance of the agricultural sector covers the economic developments within

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that they cannot afford at least four of the following items, which are considered by most people to be desirable or necessary to lead an adequate life: pay their bills on time; keep their home adequately warm; face unexpected expenses; eat meat (or fish or the vegetarian equivalent) regularly

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15 Introduction 16 2.1 Farms and farmland in the European Union (EU) 18 2.2 Farmers and the agricultural labour force 24 2.3 Agricultural capital and land values 28 Data sources and availability 32 3. Farm production 33 Introduction 34 3.1 Crops 36 3.2 Livestock and meat 50 3.3 Milk 57 Data sources

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) to keep home adequately warm, 3) to face unexpected expenses, 4) to eat meat, fish or a protein equivalent every second day, 5) a one week holiday away from home, 6) a car, 7) a washing machine, 8) a colour TV, or 9) a telephone (including mobile phone). People living in households with very low work

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/product?code=apro_cpnh1&mode=view&language=EN 8 Agriculture, forestry and fisheries The EU in the world 2018 edition96 Table 8.2: Meat and milk production, 2016 (thousand tonnes) Total meat production of which: Milk

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institutions, for instance, government education services or healthcare. Furthermore, the HFCE does not include purchase of housing. The following subcategories are shown in this News Release: Subcategories Include Food non-alcoholic beverages Bread and cereals, meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs, oils

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