PRODCOM List 2010


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28.22   Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment    
    28.22.14   Derricks; cranes; mobile lifting frames, straddle carriers and works trucks fitted with a crane     Overhead travelling cranes on fixed support
    Detail   Mobile lifting frames on tyres and straddle carriers
    Detail   Transporter cranes, gantry cranes and bridge cranes
    Detail   Tower cranes and portal or pedestal jib cranes
    Detail   Self-propelled lifting equipment, of a kind mounted to run on rails in servicing building sites, quarries and the like
    Detail   Lifting equipment designed for mounting on road vehicles
    Detail   Lifting equipment (excluding overhead travelling cranes, tower, transporter, gantry, portal, bridge or pedestal jib cranes, mobile lifting frames or straddle carriers, self-propelled machinery)

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