PRODCOM List 2010


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28.11   Manufacture of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle engines    
    28.11.11   Outboard motors for marine propulsion
    28.11.12   Marine propulsion spark-ignition engines; other engines
    28.11.13   Other compression-ignition internal combustion piston engines
    28.11.21   Steam turbines and other vapour turbines
    28.11.22   Hydraulic turbines and water wheels
    28.11.23   Gas turbines, other than turbo-jets and turbo-propellers
    28.11.24   Wind turbines
    28.11.31   Parts of steam and other vapour turbines
    28.11.32   Parts of hydraulic turbines, water wheels including regulators
    28.11.33   Parts of gas turbines, excluding turbo-jets and turbo-propellers
    28.11.41   Parts for spark-ignition internal combustion engines, excluding parts for aircraft engines
    28.11.42   Parts for other engines n.e.c.

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