PRODCOM List 2010


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23.99   Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.    
    23.99.11   Fabricated asbestos fibres; mixtures with a basis of asbestos and magnesium carbonate; articles of such mixtures, or of asbestos; friction material for brakes, clutches and the like, not mounted
    23.99.12   Articles of asphalt or of similar material
    23.99.13   Bituminous mixtures based on natural and artificial stone materials and bitumen, natural asphalt or related substances as a binder
    23.99.14   Artificial graphite; colloidal or semi-colloidal graphite; preparations based on graphite or other carbon in the form of semi-manufactures
    23.99.15   Artificial corundum
    23.99.19   Non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.

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