PRODCOM List 2010


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10.82   Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery    
    10.82.23   Sugar confectionery (including white chocolate), not containing cocoa     Chewing gum
    Detail   Liquorice cakes, blocks, sticks and pastilles containing > 10% by weight of sucrose, but not containing any other substances
    Detail   White chocolate
    Detail   Sugar confectionery pastes in immediate packings of a net content >= 1 kg (including marzipan, fondant, nougat and almond pastes)
    Detail   Throat pastilles and cough drops consisting essentially of sugars and flavouring agents (excluding pastilles or drops with flavouring agents containing medicinal properties)
    Detail   Sugar coated (panned) goods (including sugar almonds)
    Detail   Gums, fruit jellies and fruit pastes in the form of sugar confectionery (excluding chewing gum)
    Detail   Boiled sweets
    Detail   Toffees, caramels and similar sweets
    Detail   Compressed tablets of sugar confectionery (including cachous)
    Detail   Sugar confectionery, n.e.c.

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