PRODCOM List 2010


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23.62   Manufacture of plaster products for construction purposes
23.63   Manufacture of ready-mixed concrete
23.64   Manufacture of mortars
23.65   Manufacture of fibre cement
23.69   Manufacture of other articles of concrete, plaster and cement
23.70   Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone
23.91   Production of abrasive products
23.99   Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products n.e.c.
24.10   Manufacture of basic iron and steel and of ferro-alloys
24.20   Manufacture of tubes, pipes, hollow profiles and related fittings, of steel
24.31   Cold drawing of bars
24.32   Cold rolling of narrow strip
24.33   Cold forming or folding
24.34   Cold drawing of wire
24.41   Precious metals production
24.42   Aluminium production
24.43   Lead, zinc and tin production
24.44   Copper production
24.45   Other non-ferrous metal production
24.51   Casting of iron
24.52   Casting of steel
24.53   Casting of light metals
24.54   Casting of other non-ferrous metals
25.11   Manufacture of metal structures and parts of structures
25.12   Manufacture of doors and windows of metal
25.21   Manufacture of central heating radiators and boilers
25.29   Manufacture of other tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal
25.30   Manufacture of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers
25.40   Manufacture of weapons and ammunition
25.50   Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy
25.61   Treatment and coating of metals
25.62   Machining
25.71   Manufacture of cutlery
25.72   Manufacture of locks and hinges
25.73   Manufacture of tools
25.91   Manufacture of steel drums and similar containers
25.92   Manufacture of light metal packaging
25.93   Manufacture of wire products, chain and springs
25.94   Manufacture of fasteners and screw machine products
25.99   Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c.

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