Central Product Classification, version 1.0 (1998)


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00   IMPORTANT REMARK: This classification has been uploaded in RAMON for the specific needs of the "Correspondence tables" section of the server. The sole official version of this classification is to be found on the United Nations Web site. On this site you will also find much more information on this classification (for instance, other linguistic versions, detailed explanatory notes, rulings, etc.).
0   Agriculture, forestry and fishery products
1   Ores and minerals; electricity, gas and water
2   Food products, beverages and tobacco; textiles, apparel and leather products
3   Other transportable goods, except metal products, machinery and equipment
4   Metal products, machinery and equipment
5   Intangible assets; land; constructions; construction services
6   Distributive trade services; lodging; food and beverage serving services; transport services; and utilities distribution services
7   Financial and related services; real estate services; and rental and leasing services
8   Business and production services
9   Community, social and personal services

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