SCL - Nomenclature for the analysis and comparison of scientific programmes and budgets (NABS 2007)


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  CONCEPT: The NABS is a functional classification for the analysis of public financing of research and development (R&D) on the basis of the socio-economic objectives pursued by the central governments or stated by them in drafting their budgets and programmes. It is linked to the Frascati Manual (OECD).
NABS01   Exploration and exploitation of the earth
NABS02   Environment
NABS03   Exploration and exploitation of space
NABS04   Transport, telecommunication and other infrastructures
NABS05   Energy
NABS06   Industrial production and technology
NABS07   Health
NABS08   Agriculture
NABS09   Education
NABS10   Culture, recreation, religion and mass media
NABS11   Political and social systems, structures and processes
NABS12   General advancement of knowledge: R&D financed from General University Funds (GUF)
NABS13   General advancement of knowledge: R&D financed from other sources than GUF
NABS14   Defence
TOTALXNABS14   Civil budget on R&D
TOTAL   Total government budget allocations for R&D

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