Combined Nomenclature, 2008 (CN 2008)

The downloadable files listed here contain the structure and, if any, the explanatory notes of the classifications. Other downloadable files linked to the classification (for instance, methodological documents, electronic copies of paper publications, etc.) are also listed here. The lists depends on the selected language.

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Other documents relating to this classification
Structure of the classification in various formats: ANS, HTML, MDB, UDB, UTX, WXT, XML (a document describing these formats is included)     download      
Ad hoc conversion tables created by Eurostat Unit G3 "International trade-Production"           download
Structure of the classification in Bulgarian in MS-Access format     download      
Explanatory notes to the Combined Nomenclature of the European Communities in all EU official languages (Official Journal of the European Union, 30 May 2008) download          
Self-explanatory texts in English, French and German     download     download
Self-explanatory texts in other languages: ES, NL, SV           download
Structure of the classification in MS-Excel format           download
Update of codes (synoptic table of CN changes from one year to the other for the period 1988 - 2008) (available in EN and FR only)       download