Clasificación estadística de productos por actividades (CPA 2.1)

The downloadable files listed here contain the structure and, if any, the explanatory notes of the classifications. Other downloadable files linked to the classification (for instance, methodological documents, electronic copies of paper publications, etc.) are also listed here. The lists depends on the selected language.

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The download files in HTML and CSV formats offer various options for recreating the structure of the classifications in your own database systems.
Column "Order" is the most straightforward as it presents the records in their sequential order; so, sorting the records by this attribute guarantees that the records will be displayed in the right sequential order.
If you need more information for creating the structure of the classification, various other fields are made available: The field "LEVEL" indicates the hierarchical level of a record in the hierarchy of the classification (the highest level being indicated with "1"); as the name indicates, the field "PARENT CODE" indicates the record just above in the hierarchy of codes. In some cases, you will find in the download files two columns called "Code" and "Parent"; this is due to the fact that the RAMON database does not accept empty codes (as is the case e.g. for Combined Nomenclature) or alphanumeric codes (as is the case e.g. for the NACE or ISIC classifications). In this case, we use a "dummy" code and a "dummy" parent which meet the requirements of the database. In such cases, users should use the first "Code" and "Parent" fields which are displayed in the download files (in general columns 3 and 4).
Please note that the XML format does not presently propose such a detailed structure as this format will be revised in the near future.

XML: After clicking on the XML button it is recommended to use the "Save" functionality instead of the "Open" functionality. Depending on the browser used this function might not work properly and user will be faced with an error message.

CSV format is scheduled for ASCII. For diacritic character it is recommended to use the "Save" functionality (instead of the "Open" functionality).
You may then use softwares like NotePad++ / NotePad2 / NotePad / etc. to display properly the information (opening directly the file in MS-Excel will cause uncorrect display of some characters for instance accented characters).
For importing the files into MS-Excel, it is recommended to use the "Import External Data" function (from menu option "Data").

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