Methodological manuals relating to statistics

Title:  Handbook on Geospatial Infrastructure in Support of Census Activities (2009 Edition)
Description:  Censuses provide much of the basic population information that countries need for development. The Handbook on Geospatial Infrastructure in Support of Census Activities aims to help UN member countries make use of recent technological developments such as geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, and global positioning systems, for improving census quality and analytical products offered by national statistical organizations. In times of humanitarian crisis, geographically specific population information can provide the means to target relief efforts and save lives. The handbook provides method and philosophy for both managers and technical people to use new technology to improve census efforts, illustrating that information infrastructure is of key importance for all countries. It also addresses technical and practical issues which are the concerns of census cartographers and takers.
Details of the publication:  PDF format; file size: 5.01 MB; number of pages: 273.
Custodian:  United Nations - Statistics Division