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Title:  Indicators for Monitoring the Millennium Development Goals - Definitions, Rationale, Concepts and Sources (2003 Edition)
Description:  This publication from the United Nations Development Group contains complete and authoritative information on the concepts, definitions, implementation and sources of data for the 48 indicators selected by the United Nations for monitoring implementation of the Millennium Development Goals and targets of the Millennium Declaration, approved at the Millennium Summit at the United Nations in 2000. The United Nations uses these indicators to report annually on development progress toward the goals and targets and they are also suggested as a starting point for countries to prepare national reports on development goals. For each indicator this handbook provides a simple operational definition, the rationale for the indicator`s selection, the method of computation, sources of data, references including Internet sites for data and methodologies, limitations and notes on gender issues and national and international agencies concerned with each topic.
Details of the publication:  PDF format; file size: 785 KB; number of pages: 115.
Custodian:  United Nations Development Group