Methodological manuals relating to statistics

Title:  Making Data Meaningful - Part 4: A Guide to Statistical Literacy (2014 Edition)
Description:  "Statistical Literacy" is the ability to understand and critically evaluate statistical results that permeate our daily lives—coupled with the ability to appreciate the contribution that statistical thinking can make in public and private, professional and personal decisions". Traditionally, we statisticians have been occupied with producing figures. Only recently have we started to consider that we can only communicate successfully with people who use our statistics if they can fully understand them. Statistical agencies have therefore been launching several initiatives to increase statistical literacy. The initiatives are aimed at scholars and students, journalists, decision makers in politics and businesses, and last but not least, the general public. (Source: UNECE)
Details of the publication:  PDF format; number of pages: 73.
Custodian:  United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)