Methodological manuals relating to statistics

Title:  Illustrated Glossary for Transport Statistics - 4th edition (2009 Edition)
Description:  The present fourth edition is the result of continuing valuable cooperation between three organisations (Eurostat, UNECE and ITF), that - through the action of the Intersecretariat Working Group (IWG Trans.) - have put a sustained effort into meeting the need to harmonise transport statistics at the international level. The Glossary now comprises 735 definitions and represents a point of reference for all those involved in transport statistics. By following the guidance contained within these definitions, a considerable contribution will be given to the improvement in both the quality and comparability of the data.
Details of the publication:  Disponible en 25 langues. PDF format; file size: 5.60 MB; number of pages: 189.
Custodian:  Eurostat, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), International Transport Forum (ITF)