Статистической классификации видов экономической деятельности в Европейском экономическом сообществе, Ред. 2 (КДЕС Ред. 2)

Code:  03
Description:  Рыболовство и аквакультура
This item includes:  Данный раздел включает отлов рыбы и представителей аквакультуры, включающий в себя использование ресурсов прибрежных зон, соленых и пресных вод с целью отлова или сбора рыбы, ракообразных, моллюсков и прочих морских организмов (например, водорастущих культур, жемчуга, губок и т.д.).
This item includes:  This division includes capture fishery and aquaculture, covering the use of fishery resources from marine, brackish or freshwater environments, with the goal of capturing or gathering fish, crustaceans, molluscs and other marine organisms and products (e.g. aquatic plants, pearls, sponges etc).
This item also includes:  Also included are activities that are normally integrated in the process of production for own account (e.g. seeding oysters for pearl production). Service activities incidental to marine or freshwater fishery or aquaculture are included in the related fishing or aquaculture activities.
This item excludes:  This division does not include building and repairing of ships and boats (30.1, 33.15) and sport or recreational fishing activities (93.19). Processing of fish, crustaceans or molluscs is excluded, whether at land-based plants or on factory ships (10.20).
Reference to ISIC Rev. 4:  03