Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community, Rev. 1.1 (2002)

-> A:  Agriculture, hunting and forestry 
-> AA:  Agriculture, hunting and forestry 
Code:  01
Description:  Agriculture, hunting and related service activities
Definition:  Division 01 first of all distinguishes two basic activities
• Production of crop products (01.1: Growing of crops...) and
• Production of animal products (01.2: Farming of animals).

Within 01.1 a distinction is made between
• field crops which generally follow a yearly cycle (01.11 and 01.12), such as cereal, vegetable or flower growing
• crops with a long cycle such as plantations (e.g. coffee, cocoa, etc.), vineyards and orchards (01.13).

Within group 01.2 (Farming of animals), the activities are grouped according to the type of animal and not according to the type of product produced (e.g. meat, milk, hide, etc.) and without distinguishing between total confinement (non-grazing) and open range pasture farming.

Group 01.3 (Mixed farming) breaks with the usual principles for identifying main activity. It accepts that many agricultural holdings have reasonably balanced crop and animal production, and that it would be arbitrary to classify them in one category or the other.

Certain operations such as soil preparation, planting, harvesting, and management, which are normally part of farm operation may be carried out by agricultural support units on a fee or contract basis, as agricultural (01.41) or animal husbandry (01.42) service activities.

Agricultural activity excludes any subsequent processing of the agricultural products (classified under division 15: Manufacture of food products, and division 16: Manufacture of tobacco products), beyond that needed to prepare them for the primary markets. However, as an exception to the general rule for classification of integrated activities, a unit processing its own agricultural production on the farm is classified to 01, even though the output normally is the product of division 15 and 16. Examples are
• Growing of grapes and production of wine from these
• Growing of olives and production of olive oil from these.

The division excludes field construction (e.g. agricultural land terracing, drainage, preparing rice paddies, etc.) classified in division 45 (Construction) and buyers and cooperative associations engaged in the marketing of farm products classified in section G (Wholesale and retail trade; ...)